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Patient Information


Treatment Questions

What is a Physical Therapist (PT)/Why Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapists are important partners in your health. They are experts in how the body moves and highly trained health care professions. Using the latest research, Physical Therapists perform comprehensive evaluations to understand your mobility abilities and design a treatment plan to meet your specific needs, challenges and goals. 

A Physical Therapist can help:

    •  Improve quality of life 
    • Regain movement and function after an illness or injury
    • Rehab from sports injuries
    • Reduce and manage pain and joint function 

What can I expect from a Physical Therapist?

  • All Physical Therapists have a minimum of an undergraduate degree plus a post-graduate degree – a minimum of 6 years of education. Physical Therapists graduating today are required to have a Doctoral degree and all PTs pass national and state licensure examinations before being allowed to practice. Our PTs continue to improve their knowledge and practice to ongoing education to best serve our community. You can expect the best professional care from our highly trained and qualified staff.  
  • Physical Therapists understand that each patient requires a unique approach so you will always receive a specialized treatment plan from us tailored to meet your individual needs. We know that you are the most important member of your healthcare team. 

How long do visits take?

You can expect your treatment session to be one on one with your PT and take 45 to 60 minutes.

Will I have the same therapist every session?

When you attend our clinic, the Physical Therapist that performs your initial evaluation is typically the PT that will continue to treat you over the course of your plan of care. We do, however, take a collaborative approach to make sure you have the right therapist for your care and may be seen by another PT from time to time if that will benefit your care. Additionally, you may be set up with another PT if your primary Physical Therapist is out of the office; if this occurs, your PT will have discussed your goals and care with the PT covering during that period to ensure continuity of care.

What does my first visit look like?

Your first visit will include an evaluation and, time permitting, your treatment will be started. Your Physical Therapist will spend time with you to learn about your condition and how it’s affecting your life. They will also take specific measurements of impairments that may be causing your problem including looking at your strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, coordination, and anything else specific to your goals.  Some questions you can expect include:

    • When and how did your problem begin?
    • How well are you able to carry our daily activities like climbing stairs or lifting groceries?
    • How often do your symptoms occur?
    • How will the problem change?
    • What things make it better or worse?

When scheduling your appointment, we’ll request your email or cell phone number. This enables us to send you a secure link via email or text. The link will direct you to a form where you can provide essential patient information in advance, streamlining your first PT visit for a more personalized experience. If you are unable to do this, forms are always available when you arrive.

Recommended clothing

Be prepared to move around a lot during your first session. Choose clothing that is easy to move in. Many opt for workout clothing or other loose, comfortable clothing. If you have shoulder pain, wear a shirt that allows access to your shoulder and arm. Shorts should be worn if you have hip pain, knee pain, or ankle pain. We have space to change into appropriate clothing before your session. 

Billing/Insurance Questions

Do I need to have a referral from my Doctor for Physical Therapy?

Only individuals with Medicare or Medicaid require a referral. Most commercial insurances allow for direct access, meaning you can give us a call and we can put you on the books!

My referral is for a different company/clinic, can I come into Family Physical Therapy instead?

You are your own advocate, and are always empowered to select your own course of treatment, particularly when it comes to where you receive care. All you have to do is request your referral be sent to Family Physical Therapy!

What types of insurance do you accept?

Unless you are traveling from out of state and we are outside of your insurance network, we accept all state, federal and commercial insurances, including worker’s compensation and VA insurances.  Cash-pay is also accepted.

What if I have questions regarding my insurance coverage or other medical billing?

Typically, our office can answer medical billing questions.  If you have questions regarding insurance coverage, it is usually best to connect with your insurance company directly.